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Influencing kids during the most influential time of their life with the love of Jesus.

Welcome to The cKids Portal

- Keeping us Together While We're AparT -

The Mission of cKids Ministries is to influence kids during the most influential time of their life with the love of Jesus. We believe that the best way to fulfill this mission is by parents and the church coming together in a partnership. That way, there is a “team effort,” in the pursuit, to see our kids grow up in righteousness, and ultimately find Salvation in Jesus Christ. Our hope is that part of that partnership will include parents utilizing the resources found on

The cKids Portal. 

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Learn as a Family - Grow as a Family

In a continued effort to partner with parents, below are weekly, age specific, small group lessons and activities for you and your kids to work through together. The first two pages are instructions. Everything beyond the first two pages contain just about everything you need to carry those instructions out.


Meet our cKids Director

Jon Rector joined the Cornerstone leadership team in 2017 as the Director of cKids Ministry. Although a native to Southern New Jersey; after graduating from Liberty University with a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, God's providence led Jon to Orangeburg, South Carolina where he met and married the love of his life, Amanda. Together he has a step son named Jameson, and two fur babies (cats) by the names of Fluff and Kevin.

We asked Jon, what makes you so excited about Kids Ministry? This was his answer: "Because I know how excited it makes our Heavenly Father, nothing makes me more excited than seeing kids RECEIVE the good news of Jesus Christ, and then RESPOND to that good news, in faith and trust, by committing their life to Him; and then ultimately REMEMBERING their commitment to Him, by making good choices that lead to living out a life of Godliness. Thats what makes me most excited about Kids Ministry." -Jon Rector: Director of cKids Ministries

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