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Church Pastors

Say hello to the pastors​ at Cornerstone Church

Meet our pastors

Say hello to the leadership team at Cornerstone Church. Got questions for our pastors? Contact us by clicking here.

Artie Davis - Lead & Founding Pastor

Artie Davis helped start Cornerstone Church in 1995. Since then, he has served as Cornerstone's lead pastor. Artie is married to his wife Georgie.

"It's not coming apart, it's coming together!" - Artie Davis

Freemon Thomas - Founding Pastor

Freemon Thomas helped start Cornerstone Church in 1995 with his late wife Pat Thomas. He has since then served as the care pastor and now enjoys retirement by fishing and spending time with those he loves.

Dustin Bates - Orangeburg Campus Pastor

Dustin Bates Started at Cornerstone in 2008 as the student Pastor. He now serves as the Orangeburg Campus pastor. He is married to his wife Allison and has two sons, Noah and Levi.

"We're a Jesus Over Everything church!" - Pastor Dustin

Billy Harsey - Bamberg Campus Pastor

"God's plans for your life are better than you can imagine." - Pastor Melissa

Chris Johnson - Worship Pastor

Chris Johnson has served as the Worship Pastor for Cornerstone since 2010. He is married to his wife Wendy.

Jon Rector - cKids Pastor

Jon Rector joined the Cornerstone in 2016 as the cKids Pastor. Jon is married to his wife Amanda.

"Everybody Say Jesus!" - Jon Rector