Easter 2015: We Need Your Help!


It’s hard to believe that Easter is almost here!

This year, we’re going to go bigger than ever to make sure that everyone at a Cornerstone service experiences something relevant and real. We’ll be in our series, “It Starts With Me” and putting a different little twist on the Easter message. You’ll want to be here and you’ll want to go all out between now and then getting other people here with us as well.

If you’d be willing to be a part of our social media buzz team for Easter, you can do the following… (click on the image to make it larger, when it appears, right click and select save as or download as)

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I can’t wait for Easter at Cornerstone. Come with me! More info at http://cornerstoneeaster.com

It’s #mycornerstone and it’s Easter. Let’s celebrate together. Join me Easter Sunday. http://cornerstoneeaster.com

Ever feel like something’s missing? Join us Easter and you may just find it! #mycornerstone http://cornerstoneeaster.com


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